Board Member Responsibilities


  1. Board members shall follow the guidance outlined in Articles III -VIII of the Chapter by-laws
  2. Board members shall meet monthly, or regularly as designated by the President, to discuss Chapter matters. As stated in Article III section G, Boards members agree to attend all possible Board meetings. If due to other commitments a Board member misses three consecutive Board meetings it will be the responsibility of that Board member to communicate the feasibility of continuing in the capacity of the Board position.
  3. It is the responsibility of all Board members to carry out their roles and responsibilities in between Board meetings and communicate activities/accomplishments to all Board members.
  4. If a Board member cannot attend a scheduled meeting it will be their responsibility to ensure the agenda items under their realm of responsibility are communicated to another Board member.
  5. In accordance with Article III, section I, item 2 of the Chapter by-laws, a Board member may resign from their position prior to the expiration of their term. The Board requests a written request for resignation.
  6. Board members agree to attend as many Chapter events as possible. The Board recognizes that on occasion, due to a last minute commitment, a Board member may not be able to attend an event. If and when this occurs (as long as it is not a frequent occurrence) that Board member will not be charged for the event.
  7. In accordance with Article III, section E of the Chapter by-laws, if a vote is going to occur during a Board meeting that a member cannot attend, they may cast a proxy vote by communicating their decision to an appointed Board member who is not already voting on behalf of another Executive Officer. This should be done via e-mail or written note so that the designated Board member can bring the proxy vote to the meeting.

Executive Officers

The Executive Council is comprised of eight Executive Officers who are elected to office by the Chapter’s membership.  Each Executive Officer will be responsible to manage and oversee all areas of their elected position and to commit to the growth and development of appointed Board members who are assigned to work with him/her.  Currently, ASTD-NH has eight Executive Officers: President, Past-President, Vice President of Program Development, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Vice President of Technology, two co-Vice Presidents of Trainer Development, and Vice President of Chapter Administration.


Executive Officers are voting members on the Board of Directors.  ASTD National requires all Executive Officers to be members of ASTD National.  This annual fee will be paid for each Executive Officer by ASTD-NH.  If an Executive Officer wishes to donate their annual ASTD national membership to ASTD-NH they may do so by contacting the Chapter Administrator.  Along with being members of National ASTD, each Executive Officer must abide by the ASTD-NH by-laws and policies set forth in the Chapter Operations Manual.

General Board Member

In addition to the eight Executive Officers, ASTD-NH has up to four appointed Board members.   Executive Officers shall appoint additional Chapter members to Board of Director positions and will designate an Executive Officer to mentor and define specific functions for each appointed Board member.   These appointees will work directly with Executive Officers to help ASTD-NH meets its mission and achieve its vision. 


The President-Elect will solicit recommendations for appointment in September, following elections for Executive Officer positions. Appointed Board members shall not have voting rights, unless designated as proxy by an Executive Officer.  Appointed Board members do not have to be members of ASTD National but must abide by the Chapter by-laws and policies set forth in the Chapter’s Operations Manual.

Executive Officers may change the number of appointed Board member positions to better serve the needs of the Chapter.  When the Executive Council changes the number of appointed Board members this change will be reflected in the Chapter’s Operations Manual.


Committee Member

Any member of ASTD-NH may serve on a committee. Committees may be formed for any project that works to serve the needs of ASTD-NH and it's members. ASTD-NH members may volunteer to be on a committee for short-term or long-term projects. If an ASTD-NH member has a specific interest or experience they would like to contribute to the Chapter, the Executive Board will work to find a project that serves their interests.

Executive Board Members, with the assistance of Board Members, will be responsible for their committees and will give guidance and support whenever it is necessary.

Committee members will not be actual members of the Board, but the work of committees will be key to the success of the Chapter.

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