Founded in 1978, ASTD-NH has been meeting the need for professional development of training and organizational development professionals for over thirty-five years. As a training and development professional, you know how helpful it is to have a network of resources to assist you in servicing your customers in addition to increasing your own skills and knowledge. ASTD-NH works collaboratively with ASTD International, neighboring chapters, and other professional organizations to bring its members current and relevant information concerning the training and development profession. 

The monthly program venue, from September through June each year, offers members the opportunity to receive timely insight on current training and development trends, best practices, and fundamentals. Furthermore, ASTD-NH offers an opportunity to develop and share ideas and skills with others in the training and development profession. As an ASTD-NH member, you are part of an organization dedicated to supporting you, your profession and better business through the development of human skills and relationships. ASTD-NH provides its members with the opportunity to use the latest techniques and resources to influence the profession on a local level. 

As ASTD-NH moves in to the new year, we are looking for new ways to serve our members and continue to support the training and development profession. We are a non-profit organization, and have gained all of our success from the professionals who have stepped forward to lead the organization by volunteering. As an ASTD-NH member, know that you will have a world of resources available to you for development and enhancement of your career.
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