Disruptive Technology

01 Mar 2015 9:04 AM | Deleted user
Last month, Carol Cohen presented on how disruptive technology can be for all of us. At this workshop, ideas flew around the room at a dizzying rate, and several great discussions took place on how we can better use technology to do what we do best: train and develop.

Different apps and software were discussed, and I left knowing more about how to properly apply technology to do more. This was also a great networking event, and we learned more about each other and our interests. From hiking to shoes to my favorite, beads and jewelry making, we stepped out of our own personal boxes to draw, describe, and think in different ways.

This was an excellent event, and the board is committed to bringing better and more relevant materials to our seminars. Carol told us now she used the Internet to procure a new job, and we wish her the best in her new position.

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