Why Doers Do

07 Mar 2014 8:43 AM | Deleted user
We had a great group at this event, and the topic was certainly suitable for advanced techniques for trainers. David Wile took us through his model of how trainers can transform their work into improved performance. This is outlined in his book, which was available at the event, and I saw one attendee taking advantage of having the book signed by the author.

Perhaps the most valuable part of the event was applying the model to real-life situations. Everyone wants to see improved performance from the training he/she delivers, but an effective trainer also has to deal with high-level politics if the training is going to provide the group being trained with what they really need. The importance of discussing the proposed training beforehand with managers, the C-Suite, and those doing the work leads to better programs being developed.

Soft skills like communication were discussed, and the informal atmosphere that David Wile created led to several discussions amongst all of us. Attendees learned of issues facing trainers of sales and engineers, as well as subject matter experts (SME) engaged in online learning.

The refreshments were wonderful! Coffee, water, and a mixture of fruit and chocolate were very much appreciated. Elaine St. Jean was the lucky winner of the $25 gas card raffled off to those who drove more than 25 miles one way to attend the event.

Pictures of the event:  

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